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Map for Rural Haiti. Resiklaj Digital (Digital Recyclage) and a MOP (Mode of Production)

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Resiklaj Digital (Digital Recyclage) and a MOP (Mode of Production)

You can’t see the whole image here, but this is an example of what we are calling “resiklaj dijital.” The idea first occurred to me when I was working with an organization called Ethical Fashion Initiative. Like the artisan genre from which we got the name (resiklaj),  resiklaj digital involves, salvaging, cutting, and collating any medium we can beg, borrow, or scavenge from the digital trash heap. This means clip-art, comics, pictures, paintings, advertisements. We take these scraps and put them back together to express a message. In our case, because we are researchers and surveyors who work mostly in rural Haiti, that message is a summary of resources and identification of relationships, threats and opportunities in the context of Haitian peasant livelihood strategies.

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