With more than 20 years of working exclusively in Haiti, SOCIODIG is an independent research company providing research services and support to public, private and non-profit sector clients.  Our team provides research support for your most simple to your most complex research projects, meeting or exceeding national and international ethics and research standards.


Over the years, Sociodig has developed a reputation for excellence in data analytics, research design, execution, and the delivery of solid data and actionable, evidence-based, practical solutions. Areas of expertise include Surveys, Focus Groups, Stakeholder Engagement, Value Chain Analysis, Project Evaluations, Pre and Post-Crisis Emergency Mapping

Our team and associates are fully qualified in using leading-edge qualitative, quantitative, online techniques, data mining and behavioural analytics. 

Our Team
Timothy Schwartz
Director of Research


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Nelange St Cyr
Director of operations


Timothy Schwartz has conducted research and worked on the island of Hispaniola for 27 years. He has also worked and done research in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, Montserrat, the Bahamas, and Kenya. He has designed, coordinated, done the analysis and written the reports for more than 100 major surveys and evaluations on issues from health to childcare to livelihood strategies to humanitarian aid program efficiency to the performance of engineering corporations on major infrastructural works.

Nel-Ange St-Cyr is a young environmental activist and the founder and CEO of the company VALPLAST (Valorization of Plastic Waste), a company that recycles and transforms plastics into cobblestones and brick in Haiti for which she won the 'Her Future summit award' from Forbes. She is a graduate of  Quisqueya University in Haiti where she earned a degree in Agronomie (Protection et Aménagement de l’environnement) She is also a graduate of the prestigious Kellogg funded, Haiti Education and Leadership Program (HELP). She as worked with Sociodig intermittently as an intern since 2019. 

Stephane Grandvaux
Anthropologist / Media Research Specialist

Stephane started his career as a photojournalist and graphic designer and has particular expertise in digital technology and public relations. He has worked in Haiti since 2004. In 2011 he co-created the platform that would become EKO-Haiti. He is the co-founder of MIEMS (Multi-Dimensional Interactive Mapping). He has been consultant on jobs for the WFP, ILO, NORC, IDB, FONKOZE, CASELI/Kellogg Foundation, UN DPPA and numerous other organizations. He is also an experienced researcher in the fields of Maternal and Child Health, Food Security and Education. Stephane strongly believes in a dialogical approach to local development that seeks to go beyond consultation to participation and beyond capacity building to consciousness-raising and empowerment.

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Gisele Michel
Haiti Field Director and Focus Group Leader

Mrs Michel has 5-years experience doing surveying throughout Haiti. She began as a surveyor and worked up through supervisor to take over the role of Haiti Socio-Dig operations. She has worked on over 30 surveys commissioned by more than 40 of the largest international organizations working in Haiti, including IDB, ILO, FONKOZE, CRS,  USAID subcontractor RTI, as well as Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and Haiti Leadership and Education Program. She has a degree in computer science, studied for two years as a nurse 

Harold Maass
Senior Editor, Executive Director of translations and transcriptions
Juan Rodriguez Acosta
Anthropologist / Human rights activist

Harold Maass studied journalism at Duke University and then went on to work at the Palm Beach post for 5 years before returning to school at the University of Florida and earning a dual Master's in Latin American Studies with a focus on History and Anthropology in Haiti. It was during this period that Maass first cultivated an interest in Kreyol orthography and translation. He then spent 1 year at the Miami Herald. When the 1991 military junta overthrew Aristide in 1991, Maass quit his job at the Herald, boarded a plane for Haiti and spent the next three years working as one of the only Kreyol-speaking international journalists in the country, freelancing for the media giants like the New York times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. When the coup ended in 1994 Harold returned to the States, co-founded the US branch of the international financial publication The Week for which he has published a 5-star daily column for the last 17 years. In 2012, Maass turned his attention back to Haiti, joining the Sociodig team and rekindling his interest in Kreyol orthography and semantics. Since that time, he has supervised surveys, conducted focus groups and open interviews, analyzed data, and written reports for numerous international donors and other Sociodig clients, including the World Food Programme, the Clinton Foundation, USAID, the German Red Cross, the Haitian Agriculture Ministry, Kellogg Foundation, FONKOZE, the ILO, USAID, NORC, as well as Columbia and Harvard University. He also speaks French and Spanish.

Juan Rodriguez Acosta is an Anthropologist and human right activist. Born in the Dominican Republic, Juan has spent a great deal of time establishing bridges for better relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He was Executive Director of ‘Museo del Hombre Dominicano’ and Director General of Cultural Diversity for UNESCO Commission in the Dominican Republic between 2008-2011. Currently, Juan works as consultant and project director for the Musée de la Canne à sucre on a project of ‘Underground Heritage Promotion Project’ financed by the Fondation de France and in partnership with the Bureau d’Ethnologie d’Haiti and the Université d’Etat d’Haiti (UEH). 

Jean Alain Civil
Transcription Supervisor

Hans Goertz
Researcher, Writer and Translator


Civil was born in Port-Salut, South Haiti. He has a degree in agro-economics from Quisqueya University of Haiti. He is an alumnus of HELP (Haitian Education and Leadership Program) scholarship where he received four years of training in leadership, English and two years in computer science. During his university studies, he participated in community service projects at HELP, ACTIVEH and SAKALA in Cite-Soleil where he taught primary school. During summers he worked in Jacmel as an interpreter for American summer camp program. The experience sparked a keen interest in Creole communication methodology. Today his is Socio-Dig’s head transcription supervisor.  

Over the past decade, Hans has worked in Haiti on development, relief and research assignments for the International Organization for Migration, the University of Florida and USAID. He is an Agroforestry specialist. He took the lead on a  nationwide community development project, carried out a comparative study on different approaches to planting trees from which he produced a lessons learned report for stakeholders engaged in agroforestry and natural resource management. Hans also contributed to the launch of two agricultural capacity-building projects, aimed at strengthening the agricultural research and extension systems in Haiti.   

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Prophete Sylveste

Patrick Delorme
Head of Health Research

Marco is a self-taught photographer. Born in lemonade Haiti, Marco lived in the Dominican Republic for 7 years. He created his own video production company and has worked for Socio-Dig as a surveyor since 2013. During that time Marco carved out his own niche as Socio-Digs premier photographer, surpassing in skills and ability to 'get the photo' PhDs and professional photographers. Marco's is a true example of what can be achieved with grit and determination.  

Through almost 2 decades of experience in international development, Patrick has developed a strong, deep, and balanced understanding of what it takes to work with local communities. He believes that local communities are not empty vessels and that there cannot be development without a genuine involvement of the local people. Patrick is a strategic and innovative thinker. Patrick brings a wealth of experience in program development and delivery in a wide array of contexts. He has had the opportunity to work in more than 12 countries in the Caribbean,  Africa, Europe and North America.

Dr. Reuben O. Marwanga
Research Consultant

Damien Buchon
Research Consultant

Dr. Reuben O. Marwanga has over 20 years’ experience conducting applied research and evaluations of cross-sectorial programs implemented in low resource countries. He is particularly experienced in designing, coordinating, and conducting research and evaluations of development projects dealing with water and sanitation, energy, transportation, manufacturing and capacity building for purposes of informing programmatic and policy decisions. He also has expertise in value chain mapping and analysis.  Dr. Marwanga has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, a Masters of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Management from Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone and BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He is an alumnus of both the UNESCO and Fulbright Fellowships and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy of the UK. He was worked in the US, Afghanistan, and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Damien Buchon is a specialist in Rural Development,  Social and Economic Studies, Impact Assessment, Community Development program, Stakeholders Engagement, Social Management, Resettlement and Livelihood Restauration. He has worked since 2011 as a consultant for both governmental and private sector for large public infrastructures and development projects. He has been working mainly in West Africa and the Middle East but also in the Caribbean and Latin America. Damien has in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of Environmental and social impact assessment and implementing Economic and Social Management Plan.

Marie Josette Pierre
Health and Nutrition research

Sam Battistoli
Research Consultant

Marie Josette brings 20 years of international professional experience in nutrition, public health, program management and organizational capacity building in developing countries. She believes that: ‘communities must take charge of their own destinies and must be able to choose their own model of development.’ Born in Haiti, Marie Josette has worked for several international organizations in Haiti, the United Kingdom and Canada, where she has provided support to grassroots organizations and managed development programs.

Sam Battistoli came to Sociodig after more than a decade directing programs and operations in the international development industry, for a variety of large-scale and rapidly scaling NGOs and social enterprises around West Africa and the Caribbean. He has cross-functional experience in agriculture, mobile technology, public health, and renewable energy, having worked extensively in the countries of the Sahel, Haiti, Liberia (during the Ebola crisis and in post-crisis health system rebuilding), and Suriname.

Nathanaëlle Petit-Frère 

4th year, Economics

University of Notre Dame d'Haïti.

Casimy Valcy

5th year, Agro-Economy

QUISQUEYA University.

Jovani Joë Sami Kervin Guerrier 

4th year, Economics

University of Notre Dame d'Haïti.