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Smart = Make Accountability Responsive Today

As aid donors and implementers, we all know the truth about the effectiveness of Aid. 

We know about the aid entrepreneurs, the waste, the corruption, the unfulfilled promises.


In the past, it may have been difficult to address these problems fast enough to make aid work the way it is supposed to. But we believe that today there is no longer any excuse for the failure of aid projects.


Whether we are talking about a school, orphanage, clinic or agricultural projects, cell phone coverage and the World Wide Web change the equation. Aid can be made accountable.


We can close the feedback loop between the donors and the beneficiaries. We can get feedback from beneficiaries and we can speak to donors and the public in real-time. 

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SMART brings this reality to life through 4 simple mechanisms:

Project Specific Website
Monthly photo documentation
Monthly posting of accomplishments and financial accounting
Beneficiary and employee
satisfaction surveys
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Be Smart about your donations.

  • Ensure that your donations are spent effectively;

  • Implementers can demonstrate effectiveness and beneficiary satisfaction.

  • Beneficiaries play a central part in improving assistance delivery.

By providing charitable organizations with a mechanism to publicly document their sincerity, to show donors where their dollars are going, and to give their beneficiaries a voice that speaks directly to donors, we can close the feedback loop between donor and beneficiary, eliminate waste and corruption, and make aid more effective. 


With SMART sites and independent monitoring, donors no longer have to wonder where their contributions are going. They can see for themselves.

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How we work

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After an initial consultation, we work with you to:

• To establish your Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy

• Provide a format and plans for:


- Customized Website and URL Registration

- Monthly Accounting Form 

- Photoshoot plan for 2 monthly random visits (specifically what we will photograph, i.e. one class for each grade in a primary school, or productive chicken coops, gardens, tree nursery, sponsored children in an orphanage, children eating at sponsored canteen...)

- Beneficiary and employee satisfaction/feedback survey questionnaire

Monthly maintenance:

- Collection monthly accounting information implementing partner (school, orphanage, field, or project director)

- Two random monthly visitations to project/school/orphanage, photos, and posting of photos to the website gallery

- Monthly surveys of at least 10 randomly selected beneficiaries (parents or direct beneficiaries), summary and posting of results


All sites are locked until the client is satisfied and prepared to unlock the site for public or donor access.


Contact us for more information. Quotes are available upon request. 

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