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We provide professional website design and marketing services to charities and non-profit organizations in Haiti. Whether you have just started out or you run an established organization, we can help you develop an online presence and promote your services online to a wider audience of potential donors. NGOs nowadays need strong digital presence - to drive fundraising efforts, create crowdfunding campaigns and relay their achievements to investors, as well as allow for hiring and volunteer opportunities.

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We do not simply build you a Web Page.  We partner with your organization. We are on the ground in Haiti where we can visit your sites and office and record high-quality videos and photos. We work with you to craft honest and effective narratives. We maintain the site. We provide a stream of up-to-date narratives and visual content that tell your donors about your progress and challenges, current events and ongoing projects.

Every organization is different so our services are tailored to your organization's specific needs. For more information and or discuss your project, contact us.

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